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November 22 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Do you know that November 22 zodiac born people belong to the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac?

November 22 born individuals belong to the intensely emotional zodiac sign Scorpio. Holding the mystical energy of the zodiac, Scorpions are intelligent, loyal, and wise. There is a darker side to their personality too.

When it comes to power and control, you are one unique soul to keep things and even persons intact as per your choice. You owe the mystery of your personality to your zodiac sign. Scorpions are best at keeping their secrets, and you are the same. Even your closest people cannot claim to read your mind all the time.

Scorpions keep their shells on to protect themselves from the vulnerabilities of the outer world. Their mysteriousness makes them deadly and desirable. You reflect the perfect combination of envy, possessiveness, and suspicion.

Continue reading to to learn more about traits associated with November 22 zodiac sign birth date.

November 22 Zodiac Astrological Symbol

Symbolized by the celestial spirit animal, Scorpion, you represent the creation and destruction inherent to Scorpions. Just like your astrological symbol, you wait and strike when it is least expected.

November 22 Zodiac Element & Modality

Due to the viscous nature of Scorpions, people often misunderstood Scorpio as a fire sign. However, it belongs to the water element and represents the feminine energy of emotions.

Oscillating with the vibrations of your element, you feel affected by the slightest changes. Just like all other water elements, Scorpions are also in perfect sync with their spiritual side.

Your fixed modality makes you steady towards your goals and adds a stubbornness streak to your personality. People admire your self-containment and sense of purpose. You have an uncanny devotion to your work.

November 22 Zodiac Ruling House

Born under the planetary rulership of Mars and Pluto, November 22 zodiac born Scorpios owe their personality traits to both these planets. Pluto, the dwarf planet, is recognized for its destructive powers.

The influence of Pluto’s passion and vitality shapes the darker side of your personality. When you find yourself overwhelmed by your ruling planet Pluto, it is a sign to control your emotions and work for evolution.

Your sensuality is the result of Mars’ raw passions. Mars also rules your sexual needs and desires and extends aggression, anger, and survival instincts. The influence of dual planetary rulership makes you enjoy exciting games where you can display your physical vitality.

Scorpions belong to the 8th house. This house rules birth, regeneration, sexual desires, transformation, blended energies, and mysteries of life. It is the house of sex, taxes, and death.

Here you find deep emotional wells and soul secrets. Ruling this house might make you struggle with finances, but eventually, solid financial security and emotional stability are there for you.

November 22 Zodiac Birthstone

  • Topaz – represents passion, purpose, nobility, and love. Popular horoscope gems that bring out your strengths are Rose Quartz and Beryl.

Lucky Colors & Numbers

  • Red – Vitality, anger, religious fervor, and life
  • Rust – creativity, warmth, and success
  • 9 – number of completion and culmination of wisdom
  • 18 – Karma and spiritual knowledge
  • 27 – tolerance, compassion, coordination


  • Chrysanthemums – innocence, purity, romance.

Lucky Day

  • Monday – day of auspiciousness, goodness, and integrity.

Tarot Card

  • The Fool – Representative of having faith in the future, new beginnings and believing in the universe’s power.

November 22 Zodiac Personality Traits

Scorpio is one of the most exciting signs of the zodiac wheel. November 22 zodiac born Scorpios are the rebellious souls who do not want freedom for themselves but also firmly advocate the free rights for everyone. You do not care to challenge authorities and reason disruption in social or family life when you see someone trying to oppress you or anyone else.

People often call you a troublemaker because of your hot temperament. You should try controlling your impulsive behavior to remove that stain and let people know your cool and calm side too. You hate following the herd mentality and love standing by your opinions and making your statements.

Being a November 22 born Scorpions love authenticity in everything. You hate being fake and expect originality from others too. You are a selfless person who does not only strive to reach the heights of personal success; your joy lies in seeing others moving up the ladder of success and accomplishing their targets.

The social worker is the right name for you because people often find you indulge in social services like increasing educational opportunities and sharing your blessings with underprivileged people. You may also face resistance to your revolutionary ideas. Your parents may also force you to follow official ideology instead of going against the set norms.

You possess an inherent ability to recognize fake people and understand their intentions. Sometimes people call you intimidating, but they love your passion, honesty, and loyalty once they get to know you. No one else can pick emotional cues better than you because you are in sync with your emotions and connected to divine realms.

However, your rebellious nature makes your life full of problems and turmoil. You feel tough from the outside, but inside you are shattered and emotionally weak. Instead of losing hope, remember, life is not a fairytale story. There will be high and low points. If few people misunderstand you because of your cold exterior, many love you for the nobility of your character.

In a romantic relationship, you seek sexual pleasures with your partner and firmly believe that it should be a connection of trust, reliability, and intimacy. As a sensual being, you perceive physical intimacy as a way to unlock and explore the spiritual journey of regeneration and resurrection.

November 22 Zodiac: Suitable Careers

November 22 zodiac Scorpios are known for being the best professionals because of their ability to avoid distractions and stay focused on their targets until they achieve their desired results. Your attention to detail and empathetic nature make you excel in the medical profession.

Besides opting for the medical field, you can also make a promising future for yourself in law and enforcement agencies. Your love for decoding mysteries makes you excel as investigation officers or taking responsibility for people’s protection.

Your rigidity becomes your plus point in your professional life because everyone knows that once you decide something, you will do it even if you have to crawl. Your commitment makes you focus on your targets and accomplish whatever you have planned for you.

Because you crave independence in everything, you prefer to work alone instead of opting for teamwork. When entrusted with a project and provided the liberty to go your way, you can realize tremendous success and bring results beyond expectations.

November 22 Zodiac: Health

You are a workaholic and often neglect to take a rest and reinvigorate yourself. It is good to work hard, but it does not mean to forget about your physical and mental wellbeing. While chasing your dreams, you forget to spare moments to spend with your family to relax and enjoy.

You must learn to prioritize your health over anything else because no money, success, and fame are valuable if you lose your vigor. You are also prone to ill health because of emotional stress, and the only way to release it is to take some time to rest and relax.

Your November 22 zodiac sign’s association with destruction and regeneration also makes you susceptible to the diseases of sex organs. However, Pluto’s regenerative forces also shape a solid physical body and recuperative powers that make you look younger than your age.

November 22 Zodiac Compatibility

Scorpions form a strong relationship with water and earth signs—individuals born on November 22 form electric relationships with Cancer, Virgo, and Pisces. You shower your love and affection to your partner and make them feel special in your company.


Scorpio and Cancer instantly find themselves being attracted to one another. While Cancers are emotional, November 22 zodiac Scorpios are methodical, which is why they perfectly balance out each other.


Scorpios form magnetic bonds with Virgos because they belong to the same element. While their personalities are usually the opposite, they manage to bring out the best in each other.


People born on November 22 zodiac can also form a strong bond with Pisces. Because both these signs are attracted to each other, sparks fly when they first meet each other.

Even when the honeymoon phase is over, their intimacy and love for each other only grow stronger by the minute. While they may hit a few bumps once in a while, they know how to come back to each other.

September 24 Zodiac: Least Compatible Signs

While Scorpio and Aquarius signs can make an exciting pair if they manage to work out their issues, it usually ends in disaster. Both signs tend to control each other, which can make them despise each other.

Leos and Scorpios get off on a great start but soon lose focus when things get too messy. While chemistry is not an issue, their difference of opinion may cause them to part ways early on in the relationship.

Final Thoughts

Because of their placement on the zodiac wheel, individuals born on the November 22 zodiac have complex personalities. Due to the influence of two signs, these individuals gain the best traits of both worlds.

However, sometimes, they might inherit some of the hardships that come with both Scorpio and Sagittarius. You should remember that you are strong enough to overcome everything in difficult times, especially if you put your mind to it and leave the rest to the universe.