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May 20 Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Do you know as a May 20 zodiac sign, you owe your primary personality trait to your sun sign and the date you were born on?

Taurus occupies the second position on the zodiac wheel, and the natives of this sun sign are calm, stubborn, and sensual. Taureans are well-known for their tenacity and resilience.

May 20 zodiac born Taureans have a profound likeness for the picture, feelings, and mirror image of the soul they perceive. Change and letting go of circumstances and connections is never easy for you. You have a streak of eccentricity to your otherwise traditionalist persona.

Your friendliness and care attract friends for you from all walks of life. People value your companionship because they believe in getting the best piece of advice from your side.

You patiently listen to their story before suggesting anything. You are the zodiac’s dreamer and romantic lover who love indulging in esoteric practices.

Continue reading to know everything about you to comprehend your traits better and take advantage of astrological insight into your personality.

Your Astrological Symbol

Symbolized by bull, Taureans are kind-hearted and gentle souls. Identical to your celestial spirit animal, you love serene environments and surrounding yourself with comforts and luxuries in life.

May 20 Zodiac Element & Modality

Taurus is an earth sign, and its influence makes you humble in your approach towards life and helps you get in perfect sync with your body. Born under the feminine influence of your element, you profoundly understand the pleasures of your body and soul.

Owing to your fixed modality, you have a solid and steady approach towards your goals and can do anything to realize your dreams. Your fixed modality also contributes to making you stubborn and resist change.

Despite being stubborn, you will always be the one who is always ready to add light and colors to the life of people around you.

May 20 Zodiac Ruling House

Ruled by the planet of love and relationships, you are a romantic soul who seeks love, beauty, and pleasure in life. The pairing of your earth element with your planetary rulership urges you to focus more on material things and sensual experiences.

May 20 zodiac Taureans are considered the most romantic people, and the same goes for you. You are a passionate individual, but your shyness and lack of self-confidence compel you to build walls around yourself. It can also ruin your efforts to find true love for yourself.

Taurus rules the second house. It is the house of value and deals with material possessions and personal finances. It also delineates how money affects your relationships and decisions. Governing this house makes you evaluate your spending habits and steers you to seek material security in this world.

May 20 Zodiac Birthstone

  • Emerald – representative of peace and prosperity. Popular horoscope gems to wear for this sign include Sapphire and Amber.

Lucky Colors & Numbers

  • Green – life, renewal, energy, growth, harmony
  • Blue – freedom, inspiration, sensitivity
  • 6 – number of love and affection
  • 15 – spirituality, family, healing
  • 24 – diplomacy, idealism, companionship


  • Poppy – refinement and sensibility of the soul.

Lucky Day

  • Friday – You thrive on these days, representing social gatherings, networking and the day of Venus.

Tarot Card

  • The Hierophant – Representing tradition, teaching and counselling.

May 20 Zodiac Personality Traits

May 20 is the day of dreamers and imaginative people. Being organized, logical and patient, you know to create luxurious life for you. Governing the maximalist nature, you incline the subjects that interest you and become your strength. You are an emotional being who let off steam quickly instead of splashing into emptiness.

You are always loving and understanding towards others and want a listener for yourself too, with whom you can share everything. Your well-honed analytical abilities help you analyze life from various perspectives and share your viewpoint with others. Your carefree attitude often makes others perceive you as an entertainment seeker in life.

However, those who understand you well know that there is a serious side too. You dislike boredom, so you make sure to be lively. You know to harness your behavior as you can not let anything ruin your spiritual and moral development. People often accuse you of being superficial, and your love for luxurious things strengthens their belief.

You understand the importance of enjoying and appreciating life. So you prefer to go slow in life and savor every moment. Your unique aura attracts people and compels them to trust you. You are honest in your actions, frank in your opinions, and sometimes over-critical too.

Your willingness to surpass all challenges and never give up makes you conquer the wars that others might elude on account of hardships and setbacks. Just like a bull, you are not only sturdy and mighty but also capable of strategizing well for your success.

There is also a restless disposition and stubbornness opposite to your lively mind and dynamic spirit. You have to learn to tame the wild horses of your thoughts and slowly move on to the next things. You need to understand and value others’ points of view as well. You don’t need to be always right.

Denial only adds to pain and fury, whereas acceptance can revert suffering and downfall. You are adept at conceptualizing and executing innovative plans. However, it is difficult for you to subordinate because you can’t take anyone’s orders, especially when you believe the proposed plan is flawed or ambiguous.

Being a May 20 zodiac born Taurean, you uphold integrity above anything else. Your life motto is to dream big and perform tough without any doubts of failure or rejection. Inside a hard exterior, there is the heart of a child inside. You make a lifetime commitment in any relationship and are a perfectionist to the core.

May 20 Zodiac: Suitable Careers

Because of Taurus’ association with money and material wealth, you got everything that can help you succeed in everything you do. Your focus and multitasking ability make you quickly climb the ladder of success to enjoy the new heights of success and fame.

You love being your own boss and deciding your direction yourself instead of following someone else. Your love for various cuisines steers you towards innovating tastes. Being a food enthusiast, you have the full potential to become a fantastic chef and rule the food industry.

May 20 zodiac Taureans are versatile beings who love delivering in high-pressure environments. Your organizational skills and reliability allow you to collaborate with other professionals to exceed performance targets by going the extra mile.

May 20 Zodiac: Health

Stability is the perfect word to describe the health of May 20 zodiac born individuals. You know that your vitality depends upon maintaining your everyday routine. From morning walk and exercise to regular sex, you ensure to follow your timetable.

You not only seek physical health but strive for spiritual comfort, and for that, your sense of responsibility towards your family contributes to your mental satisfaction.

Instead of running after snacks or fast foods, you prefer having a healthy diet and adding the right amount of minerals, calcium, vitamins, and other necessary ingredients to your daily mail to maintain your health. 

Being a May 20 born individual, your zodiac sign emphasizes the throat, neck, and ear. If you feel lazy and gain weight for no apparent reason, there are bright chances of underactive thyroid. Do not go long with self-medication. Visit your physician and follow his instructions to stay healthy, fit, and happy.

May 20 Zodiac Compatibility

May 20 born Taureans love to make lifetime connections. You know to bring passion to your relationship and love spending time in romantic conversation with your partner.

You are a dependable partner and romantic enthusiast. You can find a perfect match in Cancer and Virgo because natives of these signs know to soothe their partners with trustworthiness and devotion.


Both Cancer and Taurus seek stability, security, and love in life. Their mutual interests bind them well.

The planet of Love Venus influences Taureans, and Moon influences Cancerians and adds a profound sensitivity to their personality. Both are sincere and loyal and stay by each other through every thick and thin of life.

The magical and supportive bond creates an everlasting bond and makes them enjoy the domestic joys of a romantic association.


Taurus-Virgo relationships are filled with mutual respect, good understanding, and honest communication. They completely understand each others’ needs and requirements in a relationship. 

When they commit to a relationship, they set their goals in coordination and give their everything to make their relationship succeed.

May 20 Zodiac: Least Compatible Signs

Being a May 20 zodiac born Taurus, you might regret your decision of entering into a romantic bond with the natives of Leo and Aquarius. Leo craves the limelight and wants to uphold their supremacy in every way.

For the stubborn bull, it is never acceptable to follow someone’s instructions and change. Friction, shocks, and whims are evident from day one in a partnership with Leo.

Aquarians demand from their partner to respect and value their ideas and thoughts. However, a Taurean shows stubbornness and rigidity to follow Aquarian’s suggestion to change the conservative thoughts.

If they do not show flexibility in their attitudes, there will be only obstinacy and clashes in their relationship.

Final Thoughts

You are loyal and unique who love exploring new lands without compromising on stability. You enjoy your life to the fullest and do everything to make your family, friends, and partner happy. As a May 20 zodiac born Taurus, you must be mindful of your stubbornness because it can ruin your image in the long run.

Stay calm and relaxed to find the center of gravity and allow yourself to prioritize things and problems based on urgency. No one is perfect in life. Believe in yourself, and soon you will realize your all dreams.